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  • For better results, orders placed during the summer will be delivered in the fall

Yucca filamentosa

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Filamentous yucca is a shrub native to dry regions of the southwestern United States. Devoid of a stem, its long narrow leaves arranged in a rosette starting from the base, give it an exotic air. Pointed at the top and filamentous at the edge, they are generally bluish-green, but can sometimes be bordered with yellow or with a wide cream-colored band in the center. In the summer, an extraordinary flower stalk about two meters high rises among the leaves. It bears at its end numerous white bell-shaped flowers 5 cm long, grouped in panicles.

Due to its origins, yucca prefers rather dry and well-drained soils, as well as “full sun” exposures. Properly installed, it can withstand long periods of drought as well as temperatures dropping below –10°C to -15°C. The aerial parts can be damaged and the plant can die if they reach -20°C.

Maintenance and multiplication

Yucca is a plant that is very easy to care for. Watering and fertilizer applications are not necessary. As for pruning, it is limited to the removal of the flower stalk when it has faded. In addition, yucca is not subject to attacks by pests or diseases!

The small downside: yucca is a slow-growing plant, be patient!

Where to install yucca?

The yucca's favorite place is on a lawn, in an isolated situation. It can also beautify a terrace, if you install it in a container. In this case, provide it with a very draining substrate and moderate watering, as the root could rot in the event of excess humidity. But be careful of leaves that end in a thin, hard point; They are at children’s eye level.

Did you know?

Yucca filamentosa resists heat thanks to the threads arranged along the leaves, which retain humidity.
Yucca filamentosa flower petals are edible; they can be served as a garnish or cooked into fritters. The flower stalk, before the flower appears, is also eaten, like asparagus.

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