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  • For better results, orders placed during the summer will be delivered in the fall

Philadelphus 'White Bouquet'

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Family: Hydrangeaceae

The PHILADELPHUS coronarius 'Bouquet Blanc' offers a varied choice of use: as a live hedge with other plants for example, in beds with a group of plants as well, or even isolated. It is also very often used in pots and containers for terraces to be moved and make the most of the fragrant flowering. Medium-sized shrub. The habit is erect and the main branches end up arching over time.

The height is 1.60 m to 2 m and 1.60 m wide. The foliage is deciduous, opposite and measures 3 to 5 cm long. It is soft green in color. The flowering is white, semi-double to double, in the form of clusters 4 cm in diameter. The flowers are also lightly fragrant. They appear in June and July. Planting is done in full exposure and there are no particular requirements on the type of soil.

TIP: Philadelphus can be pruned every 2 to 3 years. Simply thin out the branches after flowering: cut back branches that are too long to the base of the plant. It is not recommended to cut the branches back by half as this will prevent the philadelphus from branching properly. It is best to cut a few branches every 2 to 3 years down to the base.


The PHILADELPHUS genus includes approximately 70 species. They are native to Southern Europe, the Far East, the Caucasus, North America and Central America.

PHILADELPHUS are shrubs with deciduous, opposite foliage and have the particularity of having the wood which frays into strips; this gives a nice color contrast on the wood. The flowers are white, grouped in clusters, very numerous, and above all fragrant to very fragrant.

PHILADELPHUS have been present in gardens for over 100 years. They are particularly appreciated for the white and often numerous flowers, but also for the scent that the flowers give off in June and July. The pure white flowering allows beautiful combinations with perennials with blue to dark blue flowers for example, but they can also be planted alone. 

Flowering period

  • June
  • July

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